The first time I visited the Big Island of Hawaii I fell in love.  It's natural beauty, clear waters, temperate climate and relaxed vibe was where I felt more at home than ever.  The presence of ever-flowing lava adds an interesting element, as the island continues to grow and change.  The retreats we host here are not just vacations, they're experiences that will grow and change you in some way as well.

Reconnect with nature, explore off the beaten path and create amazing connections with like-minded friends!  Check out the retreats that we have scheduled and see which one is a good fit for you.  If the current dates don't work for you be sure to sign up below to get updates about future retreats.  We hope you see you here in Hawaii!

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Oct. 20-27th, 2018

Take a break from social media and technology!  Relax in paradise, meet new like-minded friends, and experience a week of being fully present in the moment!  The average person is spending a total of 8 hours daily on the phone, computer, and on social media.  This can reduce your ability to focus on tasks as well as increase anxiety, depression and loneliness.  Join us for this week of rejuvenation and new perspective! 🌴

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Fall of 2019

Join us for a week of adventures, beach vibes and clean vegan eats on the West side of the Big Island!  Warm up from the frosty fall weather here in Hawaii.  We'll be hiking, swimming, snorkeling, visiting waterfalls, zip lining and more with an amazing group of fitness fans who like to stay fit and healthy while on vacation. ☀

Check out this festival!

Aug. 18-25th, 2019

Join the fruity family reunion in beautiful upstate New York!  Every year I make the journey from Hawaii to the east coast to celebrate health and reconnect with so many beautiful souls.  First timers are given a warm welcome and smiles for days!  If you're looking to build deep lasting connections, learn about health, fitness, communication, relationships or just refill your hug tank, sign up for the Woodstock Fruit Festival!  Use the discount code:"LOVE" to get $100 off your ticket. 💗

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