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Below are some fun and helpful products I've created to support you on your health journey!  There's something for everyone, whether you're looking for fresh new dinner ideas, one-on-one coaching or a healthy vegan getaway!

My New eBook!

#WhatVegansEat is a combination of some of my favorite vegan comfort foods, what I personally like to eat when I’m enjoying a vegan meal and food I make for loved ones.

The recipes in this book are designed to be lower in fat, quick and simple.  I get that eating healthy can seem daunting at times and I designed this book for the healthy, busy, foodie.

The ingredients in the book are mostly fresh whole foods and it’s completely gluten-free if you’d like it to be.  I tend to use salt sparingly in most of my recipes and draw on whole foods for bursts of flavor.

I hope you enjoy the recipes!  I’d love to get your feedback through email, Instagram or Facebook.

33 Recipes With Photos.  Only $17

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If you've ever dreamed of visiting Hawaii and having the time of your life - now's your chance!  I host small, personal retreats where I show you the best spots in Hawaii and make you delicious raw and vegan meals.

The first time I visited the Big Island of Hawaii I fell in love.  It's natural beauty, clear waters, temperate climate and relaxed vibe was where I felt more at home than ever.  The presence of ever-flowing lava adds an interesting element, as the island continues to grow and change.  The retreats we host here are not just vacations, they're experiences that will grow and change you in some way as well.

Reconnect to nature, explore off the beaten path and create amazing connections with like-minded friends!  We hope you see you here in Hawaii!

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Transition To Raw

My 30 Day Raw Transition program is designed to help you succeed!  The time will fly by each week as you slowly incorporate more and more delicious raw foods.  There's no guess work on how much to buy, what to make or how to make it.

Every 7 days you'll dive a little deeper into the raw experience.  There's new videos each week to support you with where you're at in the program.

Shopping lists, meal plans, recipes books and guides are all provided to make sure you never run out of tasty options!

Eating raw may be something you'd like to try temporarily as a cleanse or you might feel ready to explore a longer journey with raw food.  Either way, this program will set you up to feel like you know what you're doing!

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Personal Coaching

How many times have you felt lost when you're trying a new diet, dealing with a strange health issue, choosing vitamins or supplements or simply getting back into an exercise routine?

A lot of us are constantly trying different things, but not giving them enough time to see a change.  Then, after feeling like nothing works, we fall back into old habits and feel confused and frustrated.

Sometimes we just don't even know where or how to start!

If you're struggling with anxiety, depression, weight fluctuations, food allergies, skin problems, immune issues or simply need an accountability buddy I'd love to work with you.

Fill out an application with your information and we'll set up a free consultation!


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