CBD has been a serious game changer for me!  I've tried a bunch of different CBD products and picked out my favorite ones.  If you haven't tried CBD yet, what are you waiting for?

I can create and cook to the moon and back when I have my favorite kitchen gadgets!  Most of these items are essentials for me in my high raw food, vegan home and some are just really fun to play with.

When I became chemically sensitive 10 years ago I had to analyze not just what I was putting in my body, but what I was wearing and surrounding myself with at home. This led me to research which types of fabrics we best for me and the environment. Below is a collection of products I used and love in my own bedroom to make it a clean, chemical-free, relaxing oasis.

I’ve scaled down my superfood intake a lot since my days of working in a raw food cafe. For the past 10 years testing I have been narrowing it down to what works and what’s hype, in my opinion. I take these superfoods daily or weekly for the purpose of supplementing my diet when I see possible nutritional holes.

Finding products that are totally free of chemicals, that also work really well can be a challenge.  Below are my favorite natural products that I recommend over and over again.  I feel really confident that you’ll love these brands and products!

The supplements I’m sharing in this section are what I personally take.  Some I take daily and some are on and off.  I want to share my most favorite brands with you, because I believe it’s very important to take the highest quality form of any nutritional supplement.  It’s up to you to talk with your doctor and decide what supplements, if any, are right for you.