Frequently Asked Questions

Do I eat 100% raw or do I recommend it?

The short answer is no to both.  The concept of eating 100% raw seems flawed to me because it's not practical or possible without limiting your diet and quality of life in my opinion.  I personally eat a mainly raw diet occasionally including some foods, supplements, and superfoods that would not be considered "raw".  It's my opinion that everyone should eat as much raw food as they need or want to depending on their personal situation and how much they enjoy it.  I do believe that eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables will lead to better health and it's your own journey to figure out how far you want to take it.

What supplements do I take?

I'm always evolving in my supplementation, so it's hard to share everything that I take, because it changes throughout the year.  There are some supplements that I take regularly like magnesium, B12, iodine and zinc and some supplements that I bring in and out as needed.  Check out my Nutritional Supplements page for links to what I use and why I use them.

What superfoods do I use?

As with the supplements they change throughout the year, but I have certain superfoods and specific brands I like to keep around.  Check out My Favorite Superfoods, for more details on what I use and why!

Is it expensive to eat raw food or vegan?

Eating healthfully can go either way and in my opinion it's not worth stressing about until you actually give it a try and track your spending.  Certainly you can spend a lot of money on food that isn't heathy as well, so it's about setting your priorities.  I might spend a bit more on my groceries than the average person, but I don't spend as much money on going out to eat and on alcohol.  If you get into a good routine with what to buy where, you can avoid spending too much!  Ask plant-based or health conscious friends in the area where they shop, check out farmers markets or even dabble in some light gardening to connect with your food and focus on your health.  There's also lots of great videos youtube for eating healthy or plant-based on a budget!

Will eating mostly raw help me lose weight?

For many people, yes.  Often people lose weight when they clean up their diet and eat more simple, clean foods. However; health is something to be looked at holistically to find balance long term.  I don't think everyone needs to go all raw to lose weight and for some people it may not be a good fit.  If you would like to give a raw diet a try, check out my 30 Day Raw Transition Program.  I provide shopping lists, recipes, meal plans and support for anyone who wants to experience how great it can feel to eat more raw food.

Are humans meant to be vegan?

Studying the way our body works and looking at how we evolved you can see that plants have a big place in our life and health.  We need lots of fiber for our digestion to work properly and fiber is only found in plants.  There's a lot of information that points to humans being designed for consuming mostly plants, but I think it's up to the individual to work out what amount feels best to them.

Torturing animals and raising them in factory farms is what I personally would like to bring attention to when we are making food choices. Whether you're an omnivore, vegetarian, almost vegan or completely vegan it's a good idea to make food choices that are supporting your health, the overall health of the planet and causing the least unnecessary harm to others.  Pure veganism works really well for a lot of people, but you can decide if it works for you.

How do I talk to my family about health, veganism or raw food?

I genuinely try to approach these topics with compassion for everyone involved.  It's important to remember that most of us were not raised eating super healthy or vegan and we needed to decide for ourselves to make those changes.

Be available for questions that are genuine on their end, but don't waste time talking about the topic if someone seems defensive or uninterested.  Be an example to others and let them come to you with questions when they're ready.

If your family is concerned for your health, because they don't understand veganism ask them to share their specific concerns with you and give you time to research and or talk with your doctor about the changes you're making and how you can make sure you're getting everything you need.

If someone is bugging you at work or in a social situation, it's fun to respond to their questions with questions, so make sure you know your stuff.  A common question people ask is about protein.  I will often tell them how many grams of protein I get (which you can figure out on by entering your food) and then ask them how much they get per day.  Usually this will end any type of teasing, because they usually have no idea.  On average, woman need around 45g and men need around 55g for maintenance.  If you're looking to build in size and muscle or are doing lots of exercise, then you should research how much you want for your sport.

For more questions about health please fill out a coaching form with your question and I'm happy to answer it if I have time!