You Better Be There Next Year! :)

Well hello there!


Oy!  What a summer!


What have you guys been up to?  How have you been?  I hope you've made the best of the summer and had lots of fun in the sun.  The past few months have been interesting for me, to say the least.


A lot of people have been asking me, “Megan, where the heck are you?”, “where did your videos go?”, “why did you disappear all of a sudden?”.  Well, I do have a very good reason, but it's semi personal and I'm not looking to blast it on youtube.  I will be talking about it soon, just with a smaller group of people.  I'll get to that later on.


Right now what I want to talk about is how awesome the Woodstock Fruit Festival was this year!


Imagine the most amazing, loving, open, fun, and fit people all in one place, for one week, to celebrate health, happiness, and fruit abundance.  This is the Woodstock Fruit Festival.  It's a place to learn, grow, explore, play, and relax with like-minded friends from all over the globe.


Photo by: Trew Frugivore Love

I don't think anyone left without a bunch of new friends.  Lots of fruity people are continuing the fruit fest vibe by visiting each other throughout the year.  It's so awesome to see all the new connections made.


This year I had a few days off to play because I was backed-up by the fabulous Katy Craine in the kitchen.  My co-chef Chris Kendall was also rockin it there AND we had the amazing Alicia Ojeda from Le Fruit come down to save us mid-week because 600+ hungry people did not want to wait for their dinner.


We cranked out fresh pasta, falafels, pad thai, lasagna, and massive amounts of salad.  Boy y'all know how to eat salad there!  And we won't even talk about the amount of fruit that was consumed by 600+ people.

541789_10153143150745024_2069094148_n (1)

Photo by: Arnswald Cobblestopper

The festival location is prime!  Last year I was in the kitchen basically every day, but this year, I got to swim in the beautiful lake, jump on the floating trampoline, partake in random durian parties on the grassy hill (and a few secret midnight durian parties), I talked and relaxed with the most amazing people, enjoyed massages in the many massage trains, and danced at the bonfire and dance hall.


Photo by: Ashley Clark

I gave a talk on natural products and did a fruit make-up demo this year which was really enjoyed, so I'm told.  I plan to do another one next year as well and I'm really excited to do some more talks and spend time with everyone.  Next year Alicia and Katy might be taking over the kitchen for Chris and I.   It would be a great opportunity to connect and give more, take more photos, swim and play more, and of course eat more durian.


The best part about next year is… drumroll please… it's going to be 2 weeks long!  Ahhhh!  This is like my dream come true 🙂  If you can make it for 2 weeks, do it!  You will not regret it.  If you have children who love fruit, bring them too.  They even have wonderful people there to supervise and play with your children for part of the day, so parents can take a break.


It really is special event and I feel blessed to be a part of it.  The camp was practically full this year and there were lots of signs ups for next year at the end of this festival, so sign up early if you want to be there.  They have an awesome monthly pay plan which is a very practical way to go.


I have some special treats for anyone who signs up and chooses me as a sponsor.  I'll be talking about these more in one of my up coming videos 🙂  I love giving out fun gifts!


Oh, and another awesome thing!  Of course I will be back on track with videos again starting next week, but I will be doing some more personal live hangouts on my website with smaller groups starting Thursday, September 26th (don't worry it's easy to sign up for and participate, nothing to download).  There's a discount for the live hangouts for a few more days, check it out below.


In the first live hangout on the 26th I'll be talking about what's been going on with me lately and why I wasn't able to do as many videos.  I want to share some valuable tips I've learned this summer that can help you stick to this diet long term.  We'll also get time to do lots of Q&A.  It's so hard for me to answer everyone's questions and messages on facebook and youtube, so this will be an fabulous chance for me to answer your questions and chat with you live!  The following week we have FullyRaw Kristina hanging with us, then Josh Fossgreen, and finally, my mentor Arnold Kauffman.


Lastly, I know I've been talking about this new e-book for a while now.  It always takes me longer than I think to make them 🙂  BUT it is finished!  It's hot and ready to serve!


If you have found it hard to find simple raw recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then this is your new go-to recipe book.  It's easy to use, has clickable links that take you right to each recipe, and there's over 50 recipes in there that you can eat daily.  Stop making excuses about why you can't eat more raw food and starting whipping out delicious fresh food for you and your family every day!


There's still a few more days left to get 20% off the new ebook and the live hangouts.  You can get it HERE (No discount code needed)


Phew!  That was a long one!  Thanks for reading 🙂


See you soon!


<3 M

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  1. I just found you when looking at a pampered chef video. Can I just say I think I am living your story only this is the migraine,
    Post heart attack, the medicine is worse than the problem? I need to lose 20lbs. More importunely, I need my life back! I have felt worse, slept more, been more exhausted in the past year from all the drugs they have put me on to prevent another heart attack that I think I would rather get off everything and take my chances! So I am going o start with going low fat vegetarian, then I willnwork into our version as I learn more. Thank you for helping me not feel crazy! A month before my heart attack , my blood pressure was better and I had walked allover D.C. For 9 days from morning till night. Now ii get exhausted walking a 1/2 mile in the heat! So, I will watch, listen and learn , and who knows if I save enough, I can get to one of your things? I am raising my 15 year old grandson, (ah, maybe THAT’S why the MIA), haha! Kidding, but it will be asking a bit much of him to hump full force into this so will need to do gently . Anyway, thanks and wish me luck!

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