Who’s Coming With Me???

Howdy cowboys and girls!

I want to share all the deets (check at the bottom for sign up bonuses) of the upcoming Mexico Retreat with ya'll!  I'm really excited for it and we have some awesome fun times planned for you.  It's going to be a very intimate retreat and you'll get a lot of one-on-one with Chris and myself, so you can pick our brains.  I think this cozy atmosphere will foster an extra special bond between all of us attending.

Here are some highlights of the retreat that might tickle your fancy:

* 7 nights accommodation at Casa Axis Mundi – A beautiful new raw vegan retreat center and bed and breakfast on a gorgeous property owned by Beate and Paul Epp

* As much organic local raw fruits and veggies as you want

* Simple 80/10/10 style cuisine workshops and meals

* Up to 3 low-fat raw gourmet dinner workshops and meals

* One-on-one raw lifestyle coaching with Megan And/or Chris

* A range of raw food classes and workshops

* A raw cosmetics workshop with Megan

* Discussions on the social and emotional aspects of the raw food lifestyle

* Local permaculture farms to visit

* Natural caves and stalagmites to explore

* Daily yoga class every day ranging from Raw Power, Kundalini and Kendalini

* Surfing – including rental and transportation

* Swimming

* Amazing Mayan ruins and pyramids to visit

* Learn to apply the different aspects of healthful living

And now for the fun bonuses!  (sorry the first 5 spots are already filled and we are on to the second bonus group)

The first 5 people to sign up to either retreat will receive:

Easy To Be Raw T-shirt courtesy of Megan Elizabeth 

1 T-shirt of your choice from the TRAshop 

1 Paper copy of Chris' “Cravings Busters Transitional Recipes”

1 Paper copy (your choice) of Megan Elizabeth's books 

Plus a 1 hour consult with each Megan and myself separate from the retreat one-on-ones

Over a $200 value! 

First 6 to 10 people to Sign up for Either Retreat you will get:

1 T-shirt of your choice from the TRAshop

1 e-book copy of Chris' “Cravings Busters Transitional Recipes”

Your choice of one of Megan Elizabeth's ebooks

Plus a consult with either Megan or myself separate from the retreat one-on-ones

Over a $125 value!

First 11 – 15 people to sign up for either retreat you will get:

1 e-book copy of “Cravings Busters”

Your choice of one of Megan Elizabeths e-books

consultation with Chris, The Banana Commander!

Over a $50 value!

Retreat dates:  December 15 to 22nd

Sign up here:


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  1. Hey Megan Elizabeth!  I’m a fan 🙂  Just purchased your newest ebook (now I have them all!) and have decided that I’m going to spend the next 29 days eating ONLY Megan Elizabeth recipes.  I’ll write about it on my blog – which is nothing fancy, and really started out just for me.  I’m a nobody in the blogging world, and I’m just fine with that!  But a new challenge is what I need.  Hope you don’t mind if I use you for my inspiration this time around!  Here’s my first post on the subject, in case you care to check it out!  http://cleaneatingquest.blogspot.com/

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