This retreat is all inclusive once you arrive (flights are not included).  We will be providing all your transportation (airport pick up and drop off, day trips and adventures).  Any activities we do will be covered - like surfing, stand up paddling and off roading to Green Sands Beach.  All of your delicious food is included, too - breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!  Yoga mats, natural sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner and soap will be provided as well.   Fill out an application to contact me with any questions or call the number listed at the bottom of the page!  See you in Hawaii!

Apply Now(space is limited to 12 attendees)

We want your experience in Hawaii to be magical!

  • Swim at the most beautiful waterfalls
  • Take surfing lessons on the shores of the West Coast
  • Hike through the Hawaiian jungle
  • Take in the mountain and ocean views
  • Visit remote beaches
  • Meet the majestic sea turtles and other sea creatures of the Hawaiian Islands
  • Reconnect with the earth and be in the moment

Visit unique beaches that are off the beaten path!

  • Swim at the wild Kehena black sand beach in the South East
  • Enjoy the bright blue waters and white sand beaches on the West Coast
  • Journey to the Southern most point of the United States and swim at Green Sands Beach
  • Optional places to cliff jump if you're feeling extra adventurous!

Freshen up your diet with new plant-based choices!

  • Taste new varieties of tropical fruit
  • Eat smoothies and smoothie bowls with fresh local fruit
  • Breakfast toppings bar with delicious superfoods, nuts, seeds, granola, and more for smoothie bowls, oatmeal, buckwheat and pancakes
  • Whatever your vegan food niche we'll have delicious options (high carb, high protein, high vibe or high raw)
  • Eat lots of fresh greens, juices, smoothies and try more raw food this week if you're feeling it!
  • We'll be recreating plant-based versions of classic cooked comfort foods as well, like burgers and fries, pizza, vegetable curry and more!
  • We'll also be using some local inspiration to create new delicious meals
Apply Now(space is limited to 12 attendees)

Christine Salus

Megan Elizabeth

Hi, I'm Christine !  💁🏼 I'm from Victoria, BC and I'm obsessed with fitness, healthy eating, traveling, personal development and sharing my experience through my YouTube channel.

I'm a certified personal trainer, dental hygienist, wannabe violinist, creator of several fitness programs and e-book author.

This is my first time hosting a retreat and I'm so excited!  I've lived on the Big Island for a total of 9 months over the past few years and have fallen in love with it's wild beauty.  I'm looking forward to meeting you all, exploring, playing, reflecting and connecting together!

Hi guys!  🙋🏻   I'm Megan and I live on the Big Island of Hawaii🌴 I've been following a plant-based, high raw diet for 9 happy and healthy years!  Before I changed my diet and lifestyle I was very ill with a slew of ailments from adrenal fatigue to crippling allergies.

I'm a Raw and Vegan Chef, author of a few recipe, health and lifestyle books and an overall health and nature geek!

I love to help people improve their health, heal chronic illness and get rid of things in their life that are holding them back!   I have a YouTube channel where I share yummy vegan and raw recipes as well as my experience with travel, health, supplements, living in Hawaii and more!

I've hosted and co-hosted 6 retreats in the past few years and I'm so excited for you to join us on the next one!

Starting at: $1200 for Camping

Shared Rooms ranging from $1500 - $1800

Private Rooms ranging from $2000 - $2300

Apply to Contact Me

Or call Megan with any questions: (480) 424-5531

I'm on Hawaii time, so leave me a message if I don't answer and include your name and number.  I'll get back with you quickly 😉