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Want to come rejuvenate in Hawaii? 

Come and join Megan Elizabeth and Laura Dawn at the end of May on the Big Island of Hawaii for a raw food & adventure retreat!  Not only will you have the opportunity to eat fresh clean raw foods, but you'll also experience a week of super fun adventures around the Big Island of Hawaii! 

In order to offer retreat participants the most individualized attention, the retreat will be capped at 8-10 people so make sure to book your spot now!

Meet your hosts

Laura Dawn, Happy & Raw

Laura Dawn is a holistic health consultant, raw food chef, speaker, author and up-and-coming food photographer. She is the author of Unhooked: A Holistic Approach to Ending Your Struggle with Foods well as Mindful Eating for Dummies ". After discovering the secrets to healing her disordered eating, Laura Dawn has inspired others to drop their struggle with food and weight. A dynamic keynote speaker, her passion is to inspire people to choose a sustainable path of health and happiness.

She is the founder of Happy & Raw ( and runs health retreats in Hawaii, where she resides on her organic farm.

Megan Elizabeth, Easy to be Raw

Megan is a raw and vegan health coach who has been following a plant-based and natural lifestyle for 9 years.

Transforming from overweight and bedridden to happy and healthy, she aims to show others that now is the time to take control of your life and health.  She has 4 recipe books filled with healing vegan and raw vegan recipes.  She also does weekly YouTube videos with more recipes, health information and lifestyle tips.  Megan also hosts retreats on the Big Island of Hawaii and does online coaching remotely to help others improve their health, lose weight and heal chronic illnesses.

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Experience the healing power of raw food

♦ Experience a week long raw food detox and hit that healthy restart button.

♦  We will start the day with green juices and/or coconut water.

♦  Enjoy some of the finest fruits this island has to offer.

♦  Learn how to take these skills home with you to your own kitchen through raw food meal preparation classes.

When I first came here I thought it was just going to be a light, fun time with girls. I had no idea how transformative this week was going to be!

From day two it was clear I was called to come and experience Laura Dawn and Megan’s wisdom on living this clean, inspired lifestyle.

I feel lighter, clear, focused and super motivated to manifest anything in my life. It feels amazing and I’m so excited to incorporate this into my daily lifestyle. Woooo!


My retreat was an awesome experience! I came because I was mentally and spiritually exhausted and was about to move into a new stage of life after graduating from university.

The first couple of days I wasn’t sure what to expect or what I wanted to achieve coming out of this, but by the end I was getting more and more clarity.

I’m leaving this experience feeling rested, rejuvenated, empowered and happy!

It was such a wonderful learning experience and I loved bonding with the awesome women in the group this week - it already feels like I have a second family!

Rhode Island

On this retreat I learned many things from Laura and Megan. They both had so much information to offer about health and wellness. Most of all I learned how to heal my digestive health which I have been struggling with for years.

I made great connections with people. In just one week I have grown spiritually and mentally. I’ve gained more tools to help me on my journey. I am leaving this retreat with great lessons and memories.

Southern California

Eat fresh, local and sustainable

Get ready for an unforgettable raw food experience in Hawaii! You will have the pleasure of tasting some of the fruit-wonders of the world, grown right here on the island. Both Laura Dawn and Megan Elizabeth specialize in raw food creations and you will experience a 100% organic, raw food menu, with a strong emphasis on fresh, local foods. 

Explore the magical Big Island of Hawaii

  • You'll visit remote beautiful beaches, including a green sands beach.
  • Experience a night time snorkel with manta rays!
  • Hike out to see an actual live lava flow, flowing into the ocean!
  • Soak your bones in a real volcanic hot spring, with mineral rich waters coming out of the ground at 110 degrees.
  • Visit local day and night markets.
  • Say Aloha to giant sea turtles hanging out on the Puna'lu'u beach.
  • Visit some of the most epic waterfalls you've ever seen in your life!
  • Stay on a farm that is 100% off grid and self-sustainable.
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Ranging from $1450 to $2150 depending on room choice.

(More information about specific rooms in application)

Comfortable and environmentally friendly

Want to experience true, sustainable living? Come stay with us here at Sacred Source Springs where solar-powered accommodations are offered at our beautiful off-the-grid farm-style retreat center in lower Puna, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Experience what it's truly like to live connected to nature, on 10 acres of lush tropical land and forest.

Experience soaking in a real volcanic hot spring where the healing, mineral rich waters of the volcano come out at the source at 110 degrees! These waters are incredibly healing and amazing for supporting a detox, containing wide range of over 400 minerals.

There is a beautiful open-style and family feel communal space. The dining room features a 40 foot long garden bed next to the hand made wood-slab dining room table where meals will be shared.

You will have access to amenities including a washing machine, internet, and cell reception.

The retreat center offers a variety of accommodations depending on your level of comfort, privacy and of course, budget. We priced this retreat to be very affordable and as accessible as possible. Secure your spot by choosing your preferred accommodation.

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