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You In Bloom

This book is meant to show you how you can easily take charge of your health and fitness and stop waiting for someone else to do it. I share with you my eating, lifestyle, and fitness habits, along with tons of other helpful tips.

You’ll learn what kind of food your body loves the most, the nutrients you could need to supplement, how to make your very own raw makeup, and what foods and natural products can keep your skin healthy.

You’ll also see examples of a simple season meal guide and options to create your own workout routine based on your needs. Plus! You even get super yummy bonus recipes to help you incorporate more raw food into your diet.

Easy To Be Raw

I’ve included over 30 of my most-used, favorite recipes including soups, salads, entrees, appetizers, smoothies and desserts. There’s also a photo for every recipe so you can pick out something good to try for your next snack or meal.

You can feel good about using the recipes in this book on a daily basis. They are nut-free, salt-free, oil-free, and no dehydrating is required! They are fresh, low-fat, nutritious, and satisfying. It truly is easy to be raw.

Delicious Raw Recipe Guide

Do you hate searching for what to eat when you’re already hungry? Well search no more! Here is your go-to recipe guide with over 50 of my super tasty and simple recipes from YouTube in one place.

Now you can have the photos, recipes, and directions with you anywhere you go on your laptop or ipad (also works great on desktops and other e-readers. It will be updated at least once a year with the newest recipes. Everyone who owns the book will always be able to download the newest version for free.

Easy To Be Raw Desserts

Sometimes a plain old apple just doesn’t cut it for me! An apple pear tart though, now you’re talking! Prepared raw desserts don’t need to be loaded with agave, cacao, and coconut butter to be delicious.

We don’t need to have sugar highs and lows to feel like we are getting our cherry on top. We can use simple and whole foods to create amazing taste.

This product is a Digital Download.  You will be able to view and download the 4 eBooks immediately after your purchase on your desktop, laptop, iPad or iPhone.  Nothing will be shipped to you.

Ready to make these recipes yourself?  Get started in less than 5 minutes!

A Few Of The Reviews For My "Sun Dried Tomato Veggie Burger" reviews for "You In Bloom"...

What are you waiting for?  Make healthy eating - TASTY & EASY!

Megan is absolutely amazing and she is my soul sister. I love everything she creates! Going raw has radically changed my life for the better and the same can happen for you. Megan’s down-to-earth approach in this book makes it easy for anyone to eat raw.”
- Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, Founder of Rawfully Organic Co-Op and Fully Raw

Megan has changed my life forever.  There’s not a dish of hers I don’t enjoy!   I am inspired by her integrity and I trust her completely.”
- Arnold Kauffmann, Owner of Arnold’s Way Raw Food Cafe

As someone who’s recently gone 80 percent raw and given up meat and dairy products thanks to heavy consumption of green smoothies, “Easy to Be Raw” shows, indeed, how going completely raw can be easily done.  Meals look and taste delicious, call for few ingredients, are simple to prepare and, most importantly, feed the body with the living foods it needs.  I’ll make the switch to 100 percent raw in January thanks to something else in addition to green smoothies, and that’s Megan Elizabeth’s refreshing book.”
– Brian Rossiter, Philadelphia

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