Easy To Be Raw Desserts Ebook

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Sometimes a plain old apple just doesn’t cut it for me!  An apple pear tart though, now you’re talking!  Prepared raw desserts don’t need to be loaded with agave, cacao, and coconut butter to be delicious.  We don’t need to have sugar highs and lows to feel like we are getting our cherry on top. We can use simple and whole foods to create amazing taste.


[quote] The Mango Chutney Video finally convinced me to buy your book!!  I didn't expect it to be that beautiful, really!!” – Melanie [/quote] [quote] As someone who's recently gone 80 percent raw and given up meat and dairy products thanks to heavy consumption of green smoothies, “Easy to Be Raw” shows, indeed, how going completely raw can be easily done.  Meals look and taste delicious, call for few ingredients, are simple to prepare and, most importantly, feed the body with the living foods it needs.  I'll make the switch to 100 percent raw in January thanks to something else in addition to green smoothies, and that's Megan Elizabeth's refreshing book.” – Brian, Philadelphia  [/quote]


 *Instant Digital Download – The Instant Digital Download PDF Version of Easy To Be Raw and Easy To Be Raw Desserts can be viewed immediately on your computer or iPad after purchase.  You will receive a link to download this high quality PDF (Easy To Be Raw has 30+ Simple & Tasty Recipes and Easy To Be Raw Desserts has 11 Delicious Desserts Recipes).  If you would prefer to have the physical copy of the book, you can order that here.  Enjoy!!!

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