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  1. Does this do anything other than take your temp? I mean, it just seems like alot of money… I use a $20 thermometer, and a piece of paper.

  2. Thanks for the video, Megan. Once again you are my inspiration for a more natural way of life. I appreciate that you’ve done the research and were able to talk knowledgeably about our cycle and the usefulness of this product. After researching the Lady-Comp myself and explaining the science of the machine, my husband is convinced we should get the Lady-comp! He never did want me to take birth control pills (especially after I told him what I turned into when I had taken them). I think he’s ready for a little more freedom, knowing the green days and red days take the guess work out of not getting pregnant! Thank you!

  3. I had to leave a test comment since when I change my website, most of the time, the comment is not accepted which did happen this time so I reverted back to first website. I think this is a very good post since taking drugs like birth control pills is crazy or insane My old webpage on losing weight tells about how bad that is.

    Birth control pills work by fooling your body into thinking that it is pregnant. Did you know that they can cause strokes, heart attacks, obesity, diabetes, infertility so you cannot have children and depression so bad that you want to be dead? It can also cause breast cancer and other cancers. Here are the less serious side effects:

    “The following general side effects apply to all the hormonal birth control medications, regardless of how they are taken (for example, pills, topical patch, injection): nausea, breast tenderness, fluid retention, weight gain, acne, breakthrough bleeding, missed periods, headaches, depression, anxiety, other mood changes, and lower sexual desire. Additionally, the following more serious side effects may occur:”

    N.D. student Erica Robinson said that they caused her to have broken vagina syndrome where there are many problems including seriously messed up cycles. So my comment was “All of your health problems are iatrogenic.” She said “yes.” Wikipedia says:

    Iatrogenesis, or an iatrogenic artifact ( /aɪˌætroʊˈdʒɛnɪk/; “originating from a physician”) is an inadvertent adverse effect or complication resulting from medical treatment or advice, including that of psychologists, therapists, pharmacists, nurses, physicians and dentists. Iatrogenesis is not restricted to conventional medicine: It can also result from complementary and alternative medicine treatments.

    Most people who have cancer and die, die of chemo-therapy. But the cause of the need for it is the cause of death. For example President George Washington died of a very sore throat. They tried to save him by bleeding out 3 pints of blood, but he died despite the valient and heroic actions of his doctor. He would have done better if they only used leeches on him.

    Modern medicine makes about as much sense as black slavery. Note that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had black slaves yet they are considered great men!

  4. Hi. Love your site and videos. Lady Comp seems great, but what do you do those 6 days you can get pregnant? What kind of birthcontrol do you use? Thanks!

  5. I have used a ladycomp exclusively for over four years now. I LOVE it! Well worth the money invested! It takes the guess work out of it and saves so much time and worries. It’s great you are blogging about it.

  6. Is the lady comp only advisable for women who have regular periods i.e same time every month? Also what is advised on the days that are not given the green light if you and your partner want to have sex? I understood there are condoms that are supposed to be natural and that neem pills are supposed to be a natural form of birth control. What’s your view on it? Will be a big help.


  7. There is no contraindications for long or short cycles – Lady-Comp has advanced software, which makes it suitable for every woman – so now we can plan family without any invasive contraceptives and side effetcs :-))

  8. So what’s the deal for a breast feeding woman… Does that alter/change the accuracy or effectiveness? I am really interested in purchasing one but I will be having a baby soon and was wondering if I should just hold off on getting it or not. Seeing how I plan on nursing…

  9. I would not say that maintenance is a downside for the copper IUD. There is no daily or weekly or even monthly or yearly maintenance. You really just have to get it checked once after it is placed. Some people recommend that you check the string with your finger periodically but I pretty much never do this. The chance of the IUD moving is very low and the rate of infection is also very low. It is just important to make sure that you do not have a cervical or pelvic infection at the time that it is placed and if you are having sex with multiple or new partners you will need to use condoms to prevent infection. Also, ectopic pregnancy is a very rare complication. It is just important to remember to see your doctor if a period is missed. Since paragard has no hormones you are on a natural cycle so it is easy to know if you miss. 

    It can be expensive depending on your insurance, but it is a ten year investment, although you can have it removed at any time. I’ve had it for 5 1/2 year so it’s cost $7 a month and it’s been worth every penny. 

    If you have heavy cycles this may not be a good choice for you as some women do have more bleeding and/or cramps following IUD placement. For some people it is because they were on hormonal birth control which lessens what would naturally be your cycle of heavier bleeding and cramps.

  10. In regards to it being copper aren’t you worried about copper toxicity? I am guessing I had copper toxicity from when I was born and all contraception for 18years without a break made it worse but when I was reading into all forms of contraception that involve hormones they all put copper into the body which if the diet is low in zinc can cause problems. But hey if it works for you, keep going, I know that they don’t use IUDs in Australia anymore we have IUS which doesn’t use copper but progesterone.

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