Megan Elizabeth’s Delicious Raw Recipe Guide


Megan Elizabeth's Delicious Raw Recipe Guide (Ebook)
Do you hate searching for what to eat when you're already hungry?  Well search no more!  Here is your go-to recipe guide with over 50 of my super tasty and simple recipes from YouTube in one place.  Now you can have the photos, recipes, and directions with you anywhere you go on your laptop or ipad (also works great on desktops and other e-readers.  It will be updated at least once a year with the newest recipes.  Everyone who owns the book will always be able to download the newest version for free.
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What Others Are Saying…
 [quote] Just bought your books. Easy to read, to the point, great pictures, and filled with wisdom.  Can't wait to try out those smoothies, they look so scrumptious.” – Alexander [/quote]
[quote] This was honestly one of the tastiest, most enjoyable recipes I’ve had in a while.  Thank you!!! I am absolutely going to purchase your book!” – Kaitlyn [/quote]

My Live Hangouts (Starting Wednesday, Sept. 25th)
Heeeey guys!  Who wants to come hang out with me live online starting in mid-September?  It will be happening once a week for four weeks.  I'll be keeping it to a small group so we can have as much fun as possible. No special software or downloads needed, if you can watch a youtube video you can be part of the Hangout and chat with me live 🙂


REPLAY UP  Wednesday, Sept. 25th at 8 PM EST – First, I'm gonna be getting down and dirty with some personal stuff I've been dealing with this summer.  There's a reason why I haven't been doing as many videos and I want to share it with you guys here.  We'll also get lots of time to do some Q&A.  It's so hard for me to answer everyone's questions and messages on facebook and youtube, so this will be an fabulous chance for me to answer your questions and chat with you live.

Also we'll have some special guests coming to join our hangout sessions for the last 3 weeks to give us amazing tips and information on how raw food fits in with their lives.
hangoutjoshphotoREPLAY UP Wednesday, Oct. 2nd at 8 PM EST – Josh Fossgreen is my next bud that's gonna come share his experiences with us.  He's a really awesome and funny guy who I've had the pleasure to get to know.  We'll hear from Josh on how he keeps his relaxed attitude towards eating raw, which makes it fun and stress-free!  You may recognize him from our 2012 Elixir Smoothie video, which was a hoot to film!


Wednesday, Oct. 9th at 8 PM EST – FullyRaw Kristina is hanging out with us the second week.  Kristina is one of my close personal friends and one of my raw sisters!  She has created such a beautiful and bountiful life for herself through raw food and growing her own co-op.  She recently started her own juicing company, so we're gonna hear from Kristina on benefits of juicing, as well as how to make time for your health with a busy lifestyle.

arnoldmeganWednesday, Oct. 16th at 8 PM EST – Now, Arnold Kauffman, some of you already know, was my mentor when I starting eating raw.  I submerged myself in his world to ensure that I would succeed on this diet, and a lot of what I know about eating raw, I learned from this guy.  He owns a cafe and health food store in Lansdale, PA which he uses as his education center to teach people how to take control of their health.  We're going to talk to Arnold about creating your support community so you can succeed with raw food and how to live your purpose.

The second half of each hangout will be designated for Q&A with each guest so make sure you start thinking of some great questions for these guys.


The Live Hangouts will start on Wednesday, September 25th at 8PM and continue each Wednesday night at the same time.  They'll be between 60-90 minutes long.  If you can't make it to a live hangout, each one will be recorded and posted in the member's area the next day.  You will be able to submit questions before and during the hangouts.  You don't need to download any software – if you can watch a youtube video, you can watch the live hangout 🙂





[quote] The Mango Chutney Video finally convinced me to buy your book!!  I didn't expect it to be that beautiful, really!!” – Melanie [/quote] [quote] As someone who's recently gone 80 percent raw and given up meat and dairy products thanks to heavy consumption of green smoothies, “Easy to Be Raw” shows, indeed, how going completely raw can be easily done.  Meals look and taste delicious, call for few ingredients, are simple to prepare and, most importantly, feed the body with the living foods it needs.  I'll make the switch to 100 percent raw in January thanks to something else in addition to green smoothies, and that's Megan Elizabeth's refreshing book.” – Brian, Philadelphia  [/quote]

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