Vote For Me And My Brownie Bites!

Every vote counts!  You're vote's can help me win.  Living Light Inn Culinary Institute, in Fort Bragg, CA is sponsoring the Hot Raw Chef Contest.  I have entered into their Valentine's Day Recipe Video Contest and I am asking for your votes to help me win.  If I win the Grand Prize I will be giving away my New E-Book, Easy To Be Raw – Dessert Edition, in celebration after the contest for a short period.  The recipe from this video was inspired by my brownie bites recipe in my new book.  Go to to vote for me and my Strawberry-Filled Brownie Bites!

I appreciate all your support!

Megan Elizabeth

Embarrassing Old Photos :P

Check out these embarrassing old photos.  The most I weighed, which was for a 6 month period when I was 18, was 167lbs. Thank gosh for the low-fat raw vegan diet!  This is the only diet/lifestyle that has enabled me to maintain a healthy weight and have great energy. I would love to hear everyone's stories about how raw food has helped them and improved their lives.

Here is me at 18 years old.  I think I was about 145 to 150lbs.

In this photo I am about 19 or 20 years old and I weighed between 135 and 140lbs.  I don't look to happy about it do I?

Meganelizabeth x Dresshead Off Shoulder Sweater – Loose Fitting

Staying warm has never been more fashionable than it is with this Dresshead x meganelizabeth Off Shoulder Sweater – Loose Fitting. The fine knitting throughout the sweater keeps you warm and creates a solid appearance you're going to want to show off with your favorite jeans or slacks. To be sure you're going to have the most comfort possible, there are even side pockets in the sweater, so you don’t even need a jacket. The medium width collar and the extended cuffs both feature an elastic knit to keep them in place and keep you warm. Straight cut neckline is perfect to provide you with the ability to choose one shoulder or the other to expose, or both. The loose fit of the Meganelizabeth x Dresshead Off Shoulder Sweater – Loose Fitting along with its oversized nature is almost long enough to be a mini dress. Base of the sweater is a double knit hemline. You can choose from three different colors to find the right one for you.

How To Get My New Dessert Book Free

Merry Christmas everyone!  I just had the most amazing Christmas… it was 75 degrees today, I laid by the pool for 30 minutes, I went for a 2 hour hike, spent time with my Mom and Joey and played a board game, and I got to video chat with my Dad who's in Mexico and my brother who's in Japan.  Oh yes!  I also got great gifts, too!

So, it's time for your gift!  For anyone purchasing Easy To Be Raw, the original book, from December 26th to January 1st, you will receive my new dessert e-book for free.  That's 13 extra dessert recipes for the same price!  Anyone who already owns a copy can still get an awesome deal at 40% off for this week only.


After purchasing Easy To Be Raw, during this special week, you will be redirected to a page where you can then immediately download your free copy of Easy To Be Raw – Desserts.

Click here – Add to Cart to buy Easy To Be Raw and receive my new Desserts recipe book for FREE!

If you already own the book and would like to receive 40% off the dessert book then you can do so by entering the code “holiday” at the time of checkout.

Click here – Add to Cart to buy Easy To Be Raw – Desserts at 40% off!

Please email me if you have any trouble or questions.  Happy Healthy New Year to you all!

Megan E

Time For Dessert!

Easy To Be Raw – Desserts, the new e-book, will be for sale on December 26th!  From December 26th to January 1st, anyone who purchases the original book, Easy To Be Raw, will receive this book for free!  That's 13 extra, simple, low-fat, raw dessert recipes for the same price!  Woo hoo!  This will surely help with sticking to your New Year's Resolution.

Anyone who already owns a copy of the book, don't worry!  You can still get a 40% discount on the new book 😉 BUT ONLY during the week from December 26th to January 1st.  Details will be posted on my website December 26th on how to receive your free book or discount.

I am super excited about this book.  I worked really hard to make the recipes with ingredients that are easy to find and work with.  I also like to use ingredients that do not stimulate or irritate your body.

I wish everyone a joyous holiday and a happy New Year!

Megan E

Cream of Spinach Soup Recipe

Today is Black Friday… thank the lord I do not need to go out to Walmart and buy presents for 10 kids at 5am in the morning!  Sadly, the only store on my route today, Whole Foods, did not have door busting deals on frozen fruit.  Darn!

After shopping at WF I returned to my car to find that I had locked my keys in my inside.  Woo hoo!  Isn't that funny, when you can see them sitting right there teasing you?  Joey B came to my rescue with his AAA roadside assistance, but not before I had a nice 30 minute lay in the sun.  The back of my car was actually quite comfy and passersby were commenting on what a lovely day it was.  They were obviously jealous of my sun bathing time, not realizing that I am actually just locked out of my car.  Haha!  I had some delicious chopped pineapple to snack on.  Great time!  When the AAA man showed up it took him about 60 seconds or less to pop my lock.  They should just give everyone the little tools they use, which probably costs around $20 to $30, and teach us how to pop our own locks.  It was quite amazing.  Not that I plan on needing to do this regularly or anything.  🙂

We got a nice rock climbing session in as well.  The new gym we are attending, ClimbMax, is in a really nice business complex and it looks like it could be some snazy office building from the outside.  The inside is killer!  They have way more top roping and bouldering than Philadelphia rock gym!  The people are super friendly, too.  We love it.

So about that yummy soup recipe I promised… here it is:

Cream of Spinach Soup

This recipe will keep your taste buds entertained and your tummy warm!

5 Cups of Whole Baby Spinach

1 Cup of Water

1 1/2 Cup of Chopped Celery

3/4 Cup of Chopped Scallions

4 Tablespoons Fresh Squeezed Lemon or Lime Juice

2 Medjool Dates

1/4 Avocado (optional but yummy)

Add all the ingredients to the blender and blend until warm.  Simple right?  But it's sooo good!

Okay, ta ta for now!

Megan E