Day 4 Morning Check Up

Every morning around 10am Dr. Nick comes in and checks my weight and vitals.  Everything always comes out perfect. I am very stable and doing very well.

I don't want anyone to worry that I am doing this for weight loss or any other reason than healing. I am a firm believer in fasting because the proof is in the pudding! It is what Dr. Doug Graham and all natural hygienists recommend when you need healing of a chronic condition. I know many people who have seen major results and have personally exhausted all other options. Supplements, juicing, acupuncture, neuromodulation technique, no fruit, no fat, high fruit, removing all stress and I have not seen improvement in my adrenal function.
I appreciate everyone who is supporting me because that is all I really need right now. Thank you!

Last Dinner Before Hawaii

Ingredients: Raw nori, mango, avocado, tomato, red pepper, and scallions

Tonight is my last night home before I leave for the fasting retreat
in Hawaii. I wanted something a little extra special for dinner so I
made JB and I some raw nori rolls. Yum!

For those of you who do not know why I am going to a fasting retreat
I will explain the situation. Why on earth would I do a long term fast?
There are several good reasons, but the main one is for healing. A few
years ago before I got into raw food I got VERY sick with digestive and
immune disorders. Since following a low-fat raw vegan diet I have
gained back much of my energy, my hair has been growing back in nice
and thick, my nails no longer peel, my skin is clear and full of color,
I have actually been able to put on weight, and my leaky gut syndrome
completely went away. Wow! I am still amazed that changing your diet
can do all that. However, I still do have adrenal fatigue. Following
this diet helps me manage it and if I went back to eating even cooked
vegan food on a regular basis I would not be able to function at all.

Following what I believe is the ultimate healing track has lead me
to the next step, which is a long term water fast. I will most likely
be fasting for around 21 days. This may seem extreme but that is
generally how long it takes for your body to detoxify and begin to
repair and rebuild. Am I nervous? Heck yes I am! BUT! clash royale hack 2017 download Knowing what I
know makes me feel confident in my decision. I also know that it is
totally my choice and I can stop at any time. I am hoping to follow it
through until my body is finished doing what it needs to do. Weight
loss is a given. I could lose around a pound a day. I am currently 114
and I will be weighing myself daily at the center. I am expecting to be
around 90 to 95 pounds when I am complete. Yes, I know, I will probably
not look so awesome 😉 but 5 to 10 pounds usually come back within the
first week of re-feeding.

I am lucky to have this opportunity and grateful for all the support
I am receiving. I will have great care from Dr. Nick Tancheff and his
assistant Ashley at Choose Life Health Ministries. If you would like
more information about fasting I would recommend the book “Fasting Can
Save Your Life”, by Herbert Shelton.

I will be posting updates on my website every few days and also posting some youtube videos here.   Stay tuned!

Want To Be Inspired?

Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to my updates!  I am very excited to write my first blog entry because I am feeling especially inspired at the moment.  I have recently finished my recipe book “Easy To Be Raw” and I will try to make it available for online purchase before I leave for Hawaii on September 15th.

I tossed around in bed this morning trying to decide if I should go back into my bizarre dream I was having. Lately I have been fascinated with the idea of lucid dreaming. On a recent vacation I was able to float outside of a window during a lucid dream. How crazy!? Usually I get SO excited when I realize I am dreaming that I wake up.

I finally did get out of bed 15 minutes later, because Kayla the dog (roommates dog) was barking at skateboarders.  I needed to get a move on the day!  Random housework kept me busy for quite a while this morning.  I am moving to Arizona towards the end of the year and I want to free myself of all the unnecessary.  Well, not all of it.  I am keeping my bowling pin! Lol.

I will make any excuse to escape the house, but today I had to drop off a generator I borrowed at my friends place.  I decided to detour to Whole Foods for some cherries and then Arnold’s Way.  When I arrived at Arnold’s I was surprised to see my Dad there.   Now that he is retired I run into him everywhere!  Apparently, I had walked in at the right time for more than one reason.  He was in the middle of telling a young girl and her mother about my story.  Then she and her mother told me what led her to Arnold’s.

She is a beautiful 14 year old, who fairly recently had two operations to remove/reduce a brain tumor!  Shocking! I asked her about the signs and symptoms that led to the discovery of this.  She told me she suffered from major migraines which eventually began to cause double vision.  It makes me wonder, how many people with the same problem and similar symptoms are misdiagnosed?  How did this happen to such a young, seemingly healthy person?  I often asked the same question when I became very sick. We all ended up talking for over an hour and they had already been there for 2 1/2 hours. Amazingly, she was not afraid and was determined to go “hard core raw” as Arnold describes it.  This means lots of fresh whole fruits and vegetables and minimal nuts, seeds, and avocados.  No refined oils or raw sweeteners and minimal to no dehydrated foods.  Because some twodigitsgame of the tumor still remains, she is working towards improving her body’s pH to be more alkaline so that the cancer can not survive.  Her mother is a big supporter of this and is also following a raw vegan diet as well.  One of her longterm goals she expressed to me was making it on Broadway.  I have watched a video of one of her performances and she has the type of personality and talent that people will surely be attracted to.

Sometimes it takes a serious illness to wake us up. We should thank our bodies for giving us warning signs. I feel so grateful that at one time I was at a point of desperation where I would try anything, even giving up all the food I loved that did not love me.  The knowledge and benefits gained far outweigh the negatives.  I have developed so many lasting friendships and had so many memorable experiences from being a part of the Arnold’s Way raw community.

There is never a dull moment at Arnold’s Way (unless you are washing the dishes or wiping up banana goo).  I am constantly surprised at what I stumble upon when I stop in to buy produce. It’s always an adventure.  Arnold could be talking to a parrot, having a dance party in his store, or he may force me to participate in a youtube video. I’ll take it all!

I eventually did drop off that generator. It’s 12AM and way past my bed time.  Thanks again and stay tuned for more posts and updates! I will try to post pictures and videos while I am fasting in Hawaii.